Why Choose a CFP® Professional?

Financial planning can help you manage your goals. Maybe you want to buy a house, save for your kids’ college, live a fulfilling retirement, or leave a legacy for your children. A CFP® professional can help you set your goals, provide a roadmap to address them, and educate you on the tools and strategies that can keep you on track. They can build confidence in your situation today, while helping to plan for a more secure future.

Why a CFP® Professional?
CFP® professionals have met rigorous qualifications for financial planning. Only those who have fulfilled CFP Board’s requirements can call themselves a CFP® professional.

Certification Requirements:
Examination: Must successfully pass the CFP® exam which tests their ability to apply financial planning knowledge to real-life situations.

Experience: Must have two years of financial planning-related experience.

Ethics: Must commit to following a code of ethics and standards set and enforced by the Certified Planner Board of Standards, Inc (CFP Board). If not adhered to, sanctions can be imposed and/or certification revoked.

Education: Must complete 30 hours of continuing education every two years to stay current in financial planning knowledge, including ethics.

Fiduciary Duty: Your best interests come first
When you hire a CFP® professional, you are hiring an advisor who has made a commitment to putting your interests first. As part of their certification, they are required to act as a fiduciary (in an advisory relationship only)—which means to act in the best interests of the client at all times when providing financial advice and financial planning.

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